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Image Catalog

If you don't see a piece of artography for sale that speaks to you, I can create what your heart desires! 

1. Choose your image from the broad library of pictures I have taken. You can find the galleries below.

2. Choose from these stock sizes: 8x12, 11x17, 16x24, 20x30 or contact me to discuss creating a different size. (Please note these sizes refer to the print only. It does not include the frame.)

3. Choose the color theme of your frame or let the artist, JJ Royer, choose for you according to the color scheme of the image.

4. Your personal handcrafted work of art will be available for pick up or ready to be shipped in 3-4 weeks!

These custom pieces are created to enhance the beauty of your metal print using a hand crafted frame which is then hand painted.

No two are the same! Shipping is available by contacting me.

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There may be some overlap between the galleries in that an image may be in more than one collection. If you have a particular image in mind, contact me. If I don't have it, I can take it and create a piece just for you!
Celebration of Dawn
Tones of a Tropical Storm-2.jpg
Stormy Seas - 2.jpg
Guarding the Nest
High Tides_4
Adventure Awaits_edited.jpg
Guarding the Sunrise
Vintage BMW
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